We hope you enjoy taking a look around and learning a little about our band. We are a diverse group of musicians with one thing in common: love of music!

Love of music is what has brought us together, and we hope it is what will bring you to us, whether as a new member, volunteer, or as a concert attendee. We welcome any feedback you may have on our site!

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Blazing River Freedom Band

Blazing River Freedom Band

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Established in 2003, the Blazing River Freedom Band is an LGBT and ally concert and marching band located in northeast Ohio.

The band-owned bass drum is even older. The band bought it used on eBay in 2004. Unfortunately, with all its years of wear, the heartbeat of the band is starting to sound like it has an arrhythmia.

The band is looking at investing in a used, higher-quality brand 26" or larger bass drum, with the expectation that they will be able to use it for both concert and marching band performances for many years to come.

Your financial contribution to this exciting change is greatly appreciated!

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